Optical Sciences

Biomolecules and nanostructures

The Optical Sciences group studies the interaction of light and matter at the nanoscale. We do this by exploring ways to shape light and its environment. It's what we call active and passive control. Our current focus is on the interaction of light with biomolecules and nanostructures. We are part of Twente University's Department of Science and Technology and member of the MESA+ institute.
We participate in the EU-COST actions MP1102: Coherent Raman microscopy (MicroCor) and CM1202: Supramolecular photocatalytic water splitting (PERSPECT-H2O)


Near-field optical investigation of three-dimensional photonic crystals

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E. Flück, N.F. van Hulst, W.L. Vos, L. Kuipers
Phys. Rev. E Rapid Communication
vol 68 issue 1: p015601 (4 pages) july 3 2003

We show that the coupling of light from an external pointlike light source into a three-dimensional photonic crystal depends o­n the relative launching position with respect to the crystal lattice as well as o­n the frequency of light. The results are obtained with a near-field technique which is used to acquire optical information beyond the diffraction limit and to access optical details within the unit cell of the crystal. The experiments are performed at frequencies near the second-order L-gap. As a result, the changes in the shape of the near-field pattern are explained by the photonic properties of the crystal. 2003 The American Physical Society
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