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The Optical Sciences group studies the interaction of light and matter. Our current focus is on detection and sensing/imaging with an emphasis on the development of integrated photonics. We are part of Twente University's Department of Science and Technology and member of the MESA+ institute.


Strong Influence of Hole Shape on Extraordinary Transmission through Periodic Arrays

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K. J. Klein Koerkamp, S. Enoch, F. B. Segerink, N. F. van Hulst, and L. Kuipers
Physical Review Letters
vol. 92 issue 18 art.no. 183901 7 may 2004

We show that extraordinary light transmission of periodic subwavelength hole arrays, generally attributed to surface-plasmon resonances, is strongly influenced by the hole shape. Both experiments and calculations, based on a Fourier modal method, demonstrate that a shape change from circular to rectangular increases the normalized transmission by an order of magnitude while the hole area decreases. Moreover, the spectra exhibit large redshifts (~2500 cm-1). A comparison with the transmission of isolated holes shows that shape resonances of the rectangular holes play a dominant role.
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