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Compact high-resolution spectral phase shaper

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S. Postma, P. van der Walle, H.L. Offerhaus, and N.F. van Hulst
Review of scientific instruments
vol. 76, issue 12, p. 123105 (4 pages) dec 14 2005

The design and operation of a high-resolution spectral phase shaper with a footprint of only 7*10cm2 is presented. The liquid-c-ystal modulator has 4096 elements. More than 600 independent degrees of freedom can be positioned with a relative accuracy of 1 pixel. The spectral shaping of pulses from a broadband Ti:sapphire laser is verified by a hybrid cross-frequency-resolved optical gating/Grenouille measurement and intensity autocorrelation. We demonstrate the ability to split one pulse into two or more pulses with a programmable delay of more than 8.5 ps. To our knowledge this represents the most compact high resolution device in liquid-crystal modulator-based shaping to this date. © 2005 American Institute of Physics.
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