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Robust orthogonal parameterization of evolution strategy for adaptive laser pulse shaping

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Aliakbar Jafarpour, Janne Savolainen, Rianne de Jong, Jacob Middag, Daan P. Spr√ľnken, Peter van der Walle, Di Yang, and Jennifer L. Herek
Optics Express
Vol. 17, No. 14 p11986-12000 july 1, 2009

Many spectroscopic applications of femtosecond laser pulses
require properly-shaped spectral phase profiles. The optimal phase profile
can be programmed on the pulse by adaptive pulse shaping. A promising
optimization algorithm for such adaptive experiments is evolution strategy
(ES). Here, we report a four fold increase in the rate of convergence and ten
percent increase in the final yield of the optimization, compared to the direct
parameterization approach, by using a new version of ES in combination
with Legendre polynomials and frequency-resolved detection. Such a fast
learning rate is of paramount importance in spectroscopy for reducing the
artifacts of laser drift, optical degradation, and precipitation.
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