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Imaging local acoustic pressure in microchannels

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Jorick van't Oever, Raimond Frentrop, Daniel Wijnperlé, Herman Offerhaus, Dirk van den Ende, Jennifer Herek, and Frieder Mugele
Applied Optics
vol. 54, issue 21 / july 20 2015

A method for determining the spatially resolved acoustic field inside a water-filled microchannel is presented. The acoustic field, both amplitude and phase, is determined by measuring the change of the index of refraction of the water due to local pressure using stroboscopic illumination. Pressure distributions are measured for the fundamental pressure resonance in the water and two higher harmonic modes. By combining measurement at a range of excitation frequencies, a frequency map of modes is made, from which the spectral line width and Q-factor of individual resonances can be obtained.
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