Optical Sciences

Biomolecules and nanostructures

The Optical Sciences group studies the interaction of light and matter. Our current focus is on detection and sensing/imaging with an emphasis on the development of integrated photonics. We are part of Twente University's Department of Science and Technology and member of the MESA+ institute.


High-resolution photon-scanning tunneling microscope measurements of the whispering gallery modes in a cylindrical microresonator

Klunder DJW, Balistreri MLM, Blom FC, Hoekstra HJWM, Driessen A, Kuipers L, van Hulst NF
vol 12 issue 11: p1531-p1533 NOV 2000

A detailed analysis of spatio-spectral photon scanning tunneling microscope scans of the light intensity inside a cylindrical microresonator has been carried out. By comparing the experimental results with theory, it is shown that the inclusion of spectral mode-beat phenomena is crucial for an accurate analysis of the modes present in the microresonator.
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