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The Optical Sciences group studies the interaction of light and matter. Our current focus is on detection and sensing/imaging with an emphasis on the development of integrated photonics. We are part of Twente University's Department of Science and Technology and member of the MESA+ institute.


Dr. ir. Erik van Dijk - Former Member

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Articles by Erik van Dijk

Sensitivity of Interferometric Cross-Polarization Microscopy for Nanoparticle Detection in the Near-Infrared

(abstract) (full pdf)
Benjamin T. Miles, Elizabeth C. Robinson, Erik M. H. P. van Dijk, Ian D. Lindsay, Niek F. van Hulst, and Henkjan Gersen
ACS Photonics
online nov. 3, 2015

Nanometer-scale organization of the alpha subunits of the receptors for IL2 and IL15 in human T lymphoma cells

(abstract) (full pdf)
Bärbel I. de Bakker, Andrea Bodnár, Erik M. H. P. van Dijk, György Vámosi, Sándor Damjanovich, Thomas A. Waldmann, Niek F. van Hulst, Attila Jenei, and María F. Garcia-Parajo
Journal of Cell Science
vol 121 issue 5 p627-633 feb 20 2008

Ultrafast single-molecule photonics: Excited state dynamics in coherently coupled complexes

(abstract) (full pdf)
Jordi Hernando, Jacob Hoogenboom, Erik van Dijk, Maria Garcia-Parajo, Niek F. van Hulst
Journal of Luminescence
vol 128 issue 5-6 p1050–1052 jan 2 2008

Nanoscale Organization of the Pathogen Receptor DC-SIGN Mapped by Single-Molecule High-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy

(abstract) (full pdf)
Bärbel I. de Bakker, Frank de Lange, Alessandra Cambi, Jeroen P. Korterik, Erik M. H. P. van Dijk, Niek F. van Hulst, Carl G. Figdor, and Maria F. Garcia-Parajo
vol 8 issue 10 p1473-1480 July 16, 2007

Power-Law Blinking in the Fluorescence of Single Organic Molecules

(abstract) (full pdf)
Jacob P. Hoogenboom, Jordi Hernando, Erik M. H. P. van Dijk, Niek F. van Hulst, and Maria F. García-Parajó
vol 8 issue 6, p823 - 833 march 23 2007

DNA-Based Molecular Wires: Multiple Emission Pathways of Individual Constructs

(abstract) (full pdf)
Gabriel Sánchez-Mosteiro, Erik M. H. P. van Dijk, Jordi Hernando, Mike Heilemann, Philip Tinnefeld, Markus Sauer, Felix Koberlin, Matthias Patting, Michael Wahl, Rainer Erdmann, Niek F. van Hulst, and Mariá F. García-Parajó
J. Phys. Chem. B
vol. 101 10.1021 p26349-26353 dec 05 2006

Effect of Disorder on Ultrafast Exciton Dynamics Probed by Single Molecule Spectroscopy

(abstract) (full pdf)
Jordi Hernando, Erik M. H. P. van Dijk, Jacob P. Hoogenboom, Juan-José García-López, David N. Reinhoudt, Mercedes Crego-Calama, María F. García-Parajó, and Niek F. van Hulst
Physical Review Letters
vol. 97 issue 21 p216403 nov 20 2006

Synthesis and Characterization of Long Perylenediimide Polymer Fibers: From Bulk to the Single-Molecule Level

(abstract) (full pdf)
Pieter A.J. De Witte, Jordi Hernando, Edda E. Neuteboom, Erik M.H.P. van Dijk, Stefan C.J. Meskers, Rene A.J. Janssen, Niek F. van Hulst, Roeland J.M. Nolte, María F. García-Parajó and Alan E. Rowan
J. Phys. Chem. B
Vol 110 No 15 p7803 - p7812 march 25, 2006

Power-Law-Distributed Dark States are the Main Pathway for Photobleaching of Single Organic Molecules

(abstract) (full pdf)
Jacob P. Hoogenboom, Erik M. H. P. van Dijk, Jordi Hernando, Niek F. van Hulst, and María F. García-Parajó
Physical Review Letters
vol. 95 097401 aug 26 2005

Single-molecule pump-probe experiments reveal variations in ultrafast energy redistribution

(abstract) (full pdf)
E.M.H.P. van Dijk, J. Hernando, M.F. García-Parajó, and N.F. van Hulst
the journal of Chemical Physics
vol. 123 issue 6 p064703 may 2 2005

Energy Transfer in Single-Molecule Photonic Wires

(abstract) (external link to pdf)
María F. García-Parajó, Dr., Jordi Hernando, Dr., Gabriel Sanchez Mosteiro, Jacob P. Hoogenboom, Dr., Erik M. H. P. van Dijk, Dr., Niek. F. van Hulst, Prof.
Volume 6, Issue 5, P819 - 827 apr 22 2005

Single-molecule pump-probe detection resolves ultrafast pathways in individual and coupled quantum systems

(abstract) (full pdf)
Erik M.H.P. van Dijk, Jordi Hernando, Juan-José García-López, Mercedes Crego-Calama, David N. Reinhoudt, Laurens Kuipers, María F. García-Parajó Niek F. van Hulst
Physical Review Letters
vol 94 p078302-1 - p078302-4 25 feb 2005

Phase mapping of ultrashort pulses in bimodal photonic structures: A window on local group velocity dispersion

(abstract) (full pdf)
H. Gersen, E.M.H.P. van Dijk, J.P. Korterik, N.F. van Hulst, and L. Kuipers
Physical Review E
vol 70 issue 6 p066609 1-12 dec 8 2004

Single Molecule Photobleaching Probes the Exciton Wave Function in a Multichromophoric System

(abstract) (full pdf)
J. Hernando, J.P. Hoogenboom, E.M.H.P. van Dijk, J.J. García-Lopez, M. Crego-Calama, D.N. Reinhoudt, N.F. van Hulst, and M.F. García-Parajó
Physical Review Letters
vol 93 no 23 p 236404 1-4 dec 3, 2004

Photon Antibunching Proves Emission from a Single Subunit in the Autofluorescent Protein DsRed

(external link to pdf)
Gabriel Sánchez-Mosteiro, Majolein Koopman, Erik M. H. P. van Dijk, Jordi Hernando, Niek F. van Hulst, and María F. García-Parajó
vol 5 issue 11 p1782 - p1785 nov 5 2004

Investigation of Perylene Photonic Wires by Combined Single-Molecule Fluorescence and Atomic Force Microscopy

(abstract) (external link to pdf)
Jordi Hernando, Pieter A. J. de Witte, Erik M. H.P van Dijk, Jeroen Korterik, Roeland J. M. Nolte, Alan E. Rowan, Maria F. García-Parajó, and Niek F. van Hulst
Angewandte Chemie
vol 43 issue 31 p4045 - p4049, aug 6 2004

Segment Dynamics in Thin Polystyrene Films Probed by Single-Molecule Optics

(full pdf)
Nikodem Tomczak, Renaud A. L. Vallée, Erik M. H. P. van Dijk, Laurens Kuipers, Niek F. van Hulst, and G. Julius Vancso
vol 126 issue 15 p4748-4749 march 25 2004

Probing polymers with single fluorescent molecules

(abstract) (full pdf)
Nikodem Tomczak, Renaud A.L. Vallée, Erik M.H.P. van Dijk, Maria García-Parajó, Laurens Kuipers, Niek F. van Hulst, G. Julius Vancso
European Polymer Journal
vol 40 p1001-1011 20 jan 2004

Microdomains of the C-type lectin DC-SIGN are portals for virus entry into dendritic cells

(abstract) (full pdf)
Alessandra Cambi, Frank de Lange, Noortje M. van Maarseveen, Monique Nijhuis, Ben Joosten, Erik M.H.P. van Dijk, Bärbel I. de Bakker, Jack A.M. Fransen, Petra H.M. Bovee-Geurts, Frank N. van Leeuwen, Niek F. Van Hulst and Carl G. Figdor
The Journal of Cell Biology
Volume 164, Number 1, 145-155, 5 January 2004

Excitonic behavior of rhodamine dimers: A single-molecule study

(abstract) (full pdf)
Hernando J, van der Schaaf M, van Dijk EMHP, Sauer M, Garcia-Parajo MF, van Hulst NF
vol 107 issue 1: p43-p52 JAN 9 2003

Single molecule studies of the red autofluorescent protein DsRed

(full pdf)
Garcia-Parajo MF, Koopman M, van Dijk EMHP, Subramaniam V, van Hulst NF
vol 82 issue 1: p234 part 2 JAN 2002

The nature of fluorescence emission in the red fluorescent protein DsRed, revealed by single-molecule detection

(abstract) (full pdf)
Garcia-Parajo MF, Koopman M, van Dijk EMHP, Subramaniam V, van Hulst NF
vol 98 issue 25: p14392-p14397 DEC 4 2001

On the role of electromagnetic boundary conditions in single molecule fluorescence lifetime studies of dyes embedded in thin films

(abstract) (full pdf)
Vallee R, Tomczak N, Gersen H, van Dijk EMHP, Garcia-Parajo MF, Vancso GJ, van Hulst NF
vol 348 issue 3-4: p161-p167 NOV 9 2001

Books by Erik van Dijk

Ultrafast spectroscopy of single molecules

Erik van Dijk, Mark te Paske, Jordi Hernando, Jacob Hoogenboom, Maria Garcia-Parajo, Niek van Hulst

Springer Series in Chemical Physics:
Ultrafast Phenomena XV:
Proc. of the 15th International Conference, Pacific Grove/CA, USA, July 30 - August 4, 2006

vol.88, p.231-233, 2007
Printable version