Optical Sciences

Biomolecules and nanostructures

The Optical Sciences group studies the interaction of light and matter. Our current focus is on detection and sensing/imaging with an emphasis on the development of integrated photonics. We are part of Twente University's Department of Science and Technology and member of the MESA+ institute.


Optimizing photodrug efficiency

  • Jennifer Herek - Scientific Staff
  • Di Yang - Former member

  • The photoexcited photosensitizer molecules trigger the formation of singlet oxygen, which leads to cell death. Such functional molecules have been successfully applied in Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) of cancerous tumors. Aiming to improve these applications, we optimized triplet yield in a model photosensitizer.

    measurement principle

    To extract photophysical insight and to improve the efficiency of photosensitizer molecules used in photomedicine, a femtosecond laser system was applied with adaptive femtosecond pulse shaping based on a Learning-Loop optimization procedure. We used transient absorption spectroscopy to characterize the ultra-fast dynamics of the model photosensitizer. For the coherent-control studies, a pulse-shaper was introduced into the pump beam of the pump-probe setup.



    The following articles have been published regarding this project:

    Robust orthogonal parameterization of evolution strategy for adaptive laser pulse shaping

    (abstract) (full pdf)
    Aliakbar Jafarpour, Janne Savolainen, Rianne de Jong, Jacob Middag, Daan P. Spr√ľnken, Peter van der Walle, Di Yang, and Jennifer L. Herek
    Optics Express
    Vol. 17, No. 14 p11986-12000 july 1, 2009
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